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Audio Fiction With Paul Sating

Sep 26, 2019

The feature today is the first chapter of Chasing the Demon, my debut novel. In a scene that was not included in the audio drama version (Subject: Found's 1st season), we are introduced to Jared and what he's after.
Patrons get fifteen EXTRA minutes...

Sep 17, 2019

Thana has been sent by the shadow to kill the mad king, but there are forces at play that will try and stop her ... and not all of them are human.

It's narrated by the wonderful Heather Auden! Check out her site!

Patrons get fifteen EXTRA minutes of content!

***This is a horror story. Listener discretion is...

Sep 10, 2019

The first chapter in my newly released thriller suspense, "RIP," which you can pick up today!

Patrons got 11+ minutes of bonus content where I talk about why I took the 1-minute audio teaser and turned it into a chapter, and some of the social aspects this new start of the story addresses.

If you enjoy the show,...

Sep 10, 2019

May led a life of struggle, constantly rising above it, until the day she almost-died.

Patrons got 10 minutes of bonus content where I talk about May's Flowers and what I think about the character of May, plus where the story idea came from in the first place.

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